Silver Lake coffee table loop Stairwalk #22

This is stairwalk #22, Silver Lake coffee table loop, from the book “Secret Stairs” by Charles Fleming.  This 1 hour and 15 minute walk turned out to be the longest walk yet-4 hours.  The walks always take me longer than the time given in the book because I stop and take so many pictures.  Oftentimes I may miss a street or some stairs and have to go back. On this walk my friend and I got completely lost and walked around the entire Silver Lake reservoir.  The neighborhoods have steep streets making it quite the workout.

Silver Lake reservoir

We saw a couple of really fit men with smokin’ hot bodies running up and down this one really steep street.  One was a personal trainer and the other was captain of the boxing team for UCLA.  The personal trainer said the stairwalks are a good workout.  I know these stairwalks are good exercise but it made me feel good that a personal trainer gave his “2 thumbs up”.

stairs leading down to reservoir



view of downtown skyline

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One Response to Silver Lake coffee table loop Stairwalk #22

  1. Sinead says:

    stairs, where exactly are they thank you

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