Downtown Los Angeles, Stairwalk #11

This is stairwalk #11, downtown Los Angeles, from the book “Secret Stairs” by Charles Fleming.    My friend and I rode the train from Universal City Walk to Pershing Square where we began the walk.  It was interesting to see downtown and the parts I hadn’t seen before.  The Angel Flight is up and running again after it was shut down in 2001 when the brakes went out and an 83 year old woman was killed. This was built in 1901 and carried passengers up the steep street to the top of Bunker Hill.  You can either ride the Angel Flight up or take the stairs that run alongside it.

Downtown Los Angeles boasts a lot of interesting sculptures. The Rose Petal sculpture outside Disney Music Hall is a gift from architect Frank Gehry to Lillian Disney, wife of the late Walt Disney.  Frank Gehry is the architect who designed Disney Music Hall.

Rumor has it that this sculpture is the result of Delft china given to Lillian Disney over the years, which she did not like.

Here is a sculpture made from airplane parts.

These are the steps leading up to the central library.

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One Response to Downtown Los Angeles, Stairwalk #11

  1. Jay Blake says:

    Hi Karen,
    I, too, have discovered many of the great stairways of L.A. There’s another book called A Guide to the Public Stairways of Los Angeles by Bob Inman and I’ve done a couple tours – both with Meetup – and he joined us for one. Who would have guessed there’s so much history associated with these stairways? For example, have you seen the Music Box Steps – so named because they were used in a Laurel and Hardy movie called “The Music Box”?

    Where are you working now? Are you still doing Travel Ventures (or whatever it was called)?


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