Santa Monica beach walk #39 with Charles Fleming

Charles Fleming, author of “Secret Stairs–a Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of Los Angeles”, led Santa Monica bluffs and beach walk #39.  It was a gorgeous day in Santa Monica, with temperature in the mid 70’s.  I have done this walk before but I wanted to meet Charles and do the walk with him and Grace Vergara’s stairwalking meetup group.

me and Charles Fleming

We started off at the carousel on the pier.  The carousel was built in 1915 and is shown in the movie “The Sting”.  It’s where Paul Newman was working at the beginning of the film.

carousel building Santa Monica


Charles did the walk slightly different from the way the walk is in the book.  We took the stairs up and over  PCH on the pedestrian walks.  The walk offers great views of the pier and Santa Monica.  Charles told me he had 2 back surgeries and when he started walking, his back pain went away,  thus no need for another surgery.  This is good to know.  I know a lot of people who have back pain and have had back surgeries.  After the walk, my friend and I got ice cream sodas at the soda fountain inside the carousel building.  This is a new addition, added in July 2010.  Our soda jerk was very friendly and we enjoyed talking with him.

walkway going over Pacific Coast Highway

Santa Monica beachwalk stairs

soda jerk


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