Pasadena-La Loma Rd. #1

This is stairwalk #1, Pasadena– La Loma Rd, from the book “Secret Stairs” by Charles Fleming.  It was a beautiful morning and the weather was perfect.  Very peaceful with beautiful homes.   People were out and about and neighbors were conversing with each other.  It feels like a neighbor-friendly area.  I feel very lucky to live in southern California with the nice weather.  It’s great for doing stairwalks.

leaf covered steps

There are 7 sets of stairs which are very popular.  The stairs are easy to find since they are in a direct line.  You walk up one set of stairs, cross the street and walk up the other set.  The streets are lined with a variety of trees and foliage- oak, sycamore, pine, to name a few.

tree lined street

I met a couple walking their dog on the stairs and they told me they have the book “Secret Stairs”.   I seem to meet a lot of people on the walks that know about the book.

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One Response to Pasadena-La Loma Rd. #1

  1. Randy says:

    Very interesting, I loved the pictures and the stories ! good job !

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