Whitley Heights, stairwalk # 36

Whitley Terrace steps

This is Whitley Heights, walk # 36, in the Secret Stairs by Charles Fleming.  I loved this walk.  This beautiful area is a historical preservation zone and adorned with homes that were once owned by Hollywood notables, such as the  costume designer for Wizard of Oz, Adrian, who designed the red ruby slippers, W.C. Fields, and Gloria Swanson.  Unfortunately, Rudolph Valentino’s home was torn down to make room for the freeway.

one of many beautiful homes

I got lost on this walk and the directions in the Secret Stairs book to find this one street was confusing.  I would love to live in this area.  I have passed by Hollywood Bowl many times and have seen the street that leads up to this area but have never been to this area until I did the walk.  The stairwalks introduce me to charming and beautiful areas that are nearby, areas that I otherwise would not have discovered.

Whitley Terrace steps

gate at bottom of Whitley Terrace steps

another set of stairs

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