Cove-Loma Vista Loop walk #26

view of Silverlake reservoir

first set of stairs

Lili Dauphin

This is walk #26 Cove-LomaVista Loop in Silverlake, from the book “Secret Stairs” by Charles Fleming.  My friend and I met my other friend “Lili Dauphin” at the Silverlake Coffee Company.  I asked parking attendant if I can leave my car there while I take a walk and will get the coffee later.  He said no, because people will arrive at lunch time and the spaces are needed.  I moved my car.  Lili, on the other hand, left her car parked there.  Parking attendant told her OK to leave her car there.  That’s my friend Lili, she always gets people to do favors for her.  No one ever tells her no or she can’t do something.  I don’t know what her secret is, but I want that.   One thing about Lili Dauphin is that she always comes up with affirmative sayings.  One she came up with on our walk is “stairs are like life, you go up and you go down, but you always reach the top”.  For more sayings you can go to her blog

walkway shaded by foliage

vary large cat that was mistaken for a dog

wide staircase with center divider

wide staircase with center divider

This is one of the most beautiful stairwalks in the Silverlake area.  I almost didn’t do the walk because it looked like it might rain.  It didn’t rain and I’m glad I did the walk because now it has been raining non-stop for several days, heavy rain too.  On the walk, my friends saw this cat at the bottom of the stairs and thought it was a dog, I thought it was a chair.  They did not want to go near the dog.  After we realized it was a cat, a very large cat and we continued the walk.   The stairs are gorgeous with the center divider planted with jade and dracaena.

stairs used in 3 Stooges episode "An Ache in the Stake"

stairs used in 3 Stooges episode "An Ache in the Stake"

After this we reached the stairs between 2257 and 2258 Fair Oaks View Terrace.  This stairway was used in the beginning scene of the Three Stooges episode  “An  Ache in Every Stake”.  In this episode, the 3 stooges deliver a block of ice to someone waiting at the top.

On this walk I also spotted home where actress Eva Longoria used to live.  She was neighbor of Lili’s friend.

Eva Longoria used to live here

We finished our walk and the parking attendant blew Lili a kiss as she walked to her car.

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