Silver Lake Terraces West #21

lush green hillside

recording studio "the Boat"

yellow leaf tree

This is Silver Lake Terraces West, #21, from the book “Secret Stairs” by Charles Fleming.  My friends and I did this walk the morning of Dec. 24th.  We have been stuck in our homes for the past few days due to the non- stop heavy rains, so it is so nice to get out and walk on this wonderful, gorgeous morning. I was missing my stair walks and couldn’t wait for the rain to stop.  I am wearing a sweatshirt and it is plenty warm.  I wasn’t sure what the area would be like, if there would be mudslides or some areas that would be unwalkable.  Fortunately, the rains did not affect our walk.  The first building of interest is this boat shape building, “the boat” which is a recording studio.

stairway to cul-de-sac

stairway to cul-de-sac

After walking down these one set of stairs, in the lush green hillside, I saw 2 men sweeping mud in the cul-de- sac that had come down from the hills.  We enjoyed our walk immensely, delighting in the beauty of the lush green hillsides and spectacular views.  We finished our walk with pizza and soda at Tomato Pie.  It doesn’t seem like the day of Christmas Eve.

mud from heavy rains

muddy cul-de-sac

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One Response to Silver Lake Terraces West #21

  1. angela colicchio says:

    Fantastic photos of the walk which we took today, 12/24. Even though I am an ex-silverlake resident, I have never seen these stair wells. Thanks Karen.

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