Sunset Junction Loop #20

This is Silver Lake Circles #20, “from the book “Secret Stairs” by Charles Fleming.  There are 11 walks in Silver Lake that are from Charles Flemings book “Secret Stairs”.  Every walk is different and the neighborhoods are different.  It’s also easy to get lost on some of the walks.  Sometimes on my walks I will be startled by barking dogs.  I don’t realize the dogs are there until they run up to the fence or gate when I walk by.

barking dogs that startled me

view of Hollywood sign and Observatory

view of downtown Los Angeles

There are wonderful views of downtown LA, Griffith Park Observatory and the Hollywood sign.

home which is only accessible by the stairs

Divided walkway with plants in the middle section

Across from the intersection where Edgecliff meets Landa, there is a staircase with 154 steps.   A section of this staircase have houses to the right where the only way in and out is by the stairs.  The garages to these houses are located on the street above.   A little ways further there is a section that is a pedestrian only walkway.  It’s 2 sidewalks with plants in the middle.  It looks like it might have been a paved road at one time.

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3 Responses to Sunset Junction Loop #20

  1. Hi Karen! I would be interested in doing this walk though don’t have the book… and don’t think I’ll order it in time. Where does this walk start and end – would you be able to tell me? Thanks!

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