Glassell Park North-York and beyond #3

This is Glassell Park North-York and beyond, #3, from the book “Secret Stairs” by Charles Fleming .  Mr. Fleming always suggests a place to grab a meal or coffee before starting out on the walk. For this walk he suggested Auntie Em’s Kitchen.   It’s a cute, funky place with good food.  I thought the first set of stairs would be near the restaurant but it’s actually several blocks away.  After much walking I decided to get in the car and drive closer.  The walks always begin and end in the same spot and I knew that if I didn’t drive close to the first set of stairs I would have to walk even further after the walk to get to my car.

wooden stairs

wooden stairs

dense foliage


There are a lot of trees and bushes on this walk.  Sometimes the foliage is so dense you cannot see the Glendale Memorial Park and the homes out over the horizon.  On this walk I missed a turn and ended up going up a steep hill which seemed like forever.  When I realized my error I made my way back down.  One set of stairs has murals painted on the landings.  It’s a total of 132 steps up.  The murals aren’t mentioned in the book and I assume the murals weren’t painted until later.  Perhaps they are mentioned in his revised edition.





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