Echo Park Lake Victorians #12

This is Echo Lake Victorians, #12, from the book “Secret Stairs” by Charles Fleming.  The first set of stairs had a mural painted on the wall.  At the top there is a beautiful patch of land that is nicely landscaped.

Stair mural


A  father and son fishing in Echo Lake told me the lake is stocked with trout and bass, which I never knew.

Echo Lake

After walking a short distance around Echo Lake, we came upon an area known as Angelino Heights, which is home to the city’s oldest Victorian style and Queen Anne mansions.

Angelino Heights mansion

Carroll Avenue mansion

Carroll Avenue has the highest concentration of Victorian Era residences in Los Angeles. These are historical landmarks and many have been restored.  However, there are some mansions which are run down and in need of paint.  One of the run-down mansions looked like it had mold.

Carroll Avenue mansion

Carroll Avenue mansion

Hitching post

Some of the homes have hitching posts out front.

Carroll Avenue home

Angelino Heights mansion

I never knew of these mansions and Angelino Heights until the walk.  Stair walking has introduced me to areas of great interest, areas which I might have never gone to.  I’m so thankful to Charles Fleming for writing the book “Secret Stairs”.

Decorative home on Kellam Avenue

Decorative home

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