Universal City –Happy Trails # 38

This is Universal City –Happy Trails, # 38, from the book “Secret Stairs” by Charles Fleming.


This area has a mountainous look and feel to it.  There are a lot of trees, bushes, foliage, etc…very beautiful.

Kathy Griffin's house

Kathy Griffin's house

I recognized Kathy Griffin’s house from her show “My Life on The D List” and a neighbor confirmed that it was indeed her house.  Someone had left 2 black gym bags outside her front gate.  My friend buzzed the buzzer on the gate to say the bags were there, but no answer.

Chairs on roof

View of Disney Animation bldg in distance

One of the homes has chairs on the roof with a great view of Universal City and beyond.  A little further down the street there are homes that look like boats.

Boat shaped house

We chatted with a woman who was outside one of the boat homes.  My friend mentioned to her that her home looks like the Batak houses that are found in Indonesia.  She invited us inside and told us that a member of the group “Steppenwolf” used to live there and that Jimi Hendrix used to live down the street.  Great view of the canyon from her balcony. One of the boat-shaped houses is listed for sale at $450.000.00.  They are small inside.

Mosaic-tiled house

Mosaic tiles

After the last staircase is Valley Village Elementary School, which has the name spelled out in painted rocks.

Valley View spelled out in rocks

Painted rock

At the end of our walk, we went through a rental house. It was a very small 2 room duplex with a tiny, tiny closet and high rent.  I’m so thankful to live where I do.

Beautiful house

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