Hermon-Highland park #6

This is Hermon and Highland, #6, from the book “Secret Stairs” by Charles Fleming.   Hermon is a small district near Pasadena. It was 80 degrees on this January day, a great day for a stair walk.  One thing about living in Southern California is that we have nice weather most of the time.  I met my friend at 5526 Monterey at what used to be Cycleway Coffee.  Charles Fleming mentions this coffee house as a place to start your walk.  I drove past the place a couple of times and then I realized it is now 5526 Café.   They had a grand opening sign out in front.

5526 cafe

5526 cafe

After going up the first set of stairs, my friend and I came to downtown Hermon, which reminded me of  small-town USA.  Turning the corner from downtown onto a residential street I came across some walls that had been painted with murals.

La Tierra de la Culebra park

Further down a ways from the painted walls is La Tierra de la Culebra park, which features rock walls with painted rocks, a tile-lined rock pool, a couple of sitting areas with painted chairs and tables and a stage.  The paintings are a combination of pictures and graffiti.  I guess you can say these things are tagged.  This park, which is operated by the non-profit Arts Community Land Activism organization, offers art classes and workshops for children.  Right next to the park is a house with bird-like figures painted on it.   The last set of stairs actually lead to nowhere.  They go up a slope, then there is a walkway and then the stairs go down and drop you off at the end of Terrill Street.  From the walkway you can see the snow capped mountains in the distance.  I was relishing in the fact that I could choose between driving a couple of hours to the snow or 40 minutes to the beach.  It’s nice living here.  We finished our walk with lunch from 5526 Cafe.   I hope this place makes it.   It’s a charming place with good food and very reasonable  prices.   I had Belgian waffles for $6.95.

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