Los Feliz-Griffith Park Loop #29

This is the Los Feliz-Griffith Park Loop, #29, from the book, “Secret Stairs”, by Charles Fleming.   This walk is located in an area near the Greek Theatre and has beautiful homes and the Berendo Street stairs,  a historical landmark.

Berendo Street stairs

Berendo Street stairs

These stairs are one of the loveliest stairs I have seen and benches are located at the bottom, middle and top.   Further on up is a staircase with a street sign reading “public stairs” and offers a sweeping view of Los Feliz. 

Public stairs

My stair walking friend pointed out there used to be mosaic tile work on the stair walls but now the tile work can only be seen on the lower part of the stairs after the landing.   He also commented that the home at the top of the stairs must be new because it wasn’t there when he walked these stairs a few years ago.  I assume the owners of this new home also redid the stair walls that once had the mosaic tiles.

Wander on up the road and you will see a 1920’s cottage that was designed to look like the Tam O’ Shanter restaurant in Los Feliz.

House designed to look like Tam O'Shanter restaurant

It reminds me of a Hansel and Gretel house.   Winding on up the road you will come across the Ennis House, a Frank Lloyd Wright design built in 1924.  This house was used in films from Day of the Locust to Bladerunner.  Charles Fleming mentions in his book that the house was put up for sale in 2009 at a price of $15 million.  It would need another $10 million in work over the next 10 years.

Frank Lloyd Wright house

Frank Lloyd Wright house

My friend pointed out that some work has been done on the textile-blocks and you can see where new tiles were put in.   My friend has a good eye, that’s for sure.  We walked from the residential area through a gate that leads up to the Griffith Park Obeservatory.  From here you can get a great 360 degree view. 

Griffith Park Observatory

We took Vermont Avenue down from Observatory to get back to our cars.  It was another perfect day for a perfect stair walk.

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