Fern Dell and Immaculate Heart stairwalk #32

This is Fern Dell and Immaculate Heart, stair walk # 32, from the book, “Secret Stairs,” by Charles Fleming.   My friend and I started our walk by going through Fern Dell which is located in Griffith Park off of Los Feliz Blvd, near Happy Trails Cafe.

The Trails Cafe

Fern Dell is a lovely walk with a stream winding through a variety of plants, trees, and ferns.  A trail winds through the lush foliage with hand rails made from logs.

Fern Dell

Fern Dell

After leaving Fern Dell, we made our way to the first set of stairs, going up 153 steps.  These stairs offer striking views of downtown Los Angeles and downtown Hollywood.  At the top of the stairs we made a right onto Tryon Road.  At No.5647 is a castle that once belonged to Nicholas Cage.   It’s up for sale and my friends and I were able to go through it.

This castle once was owned by Nicholas Cage

View from castle

It offers a great 360 degree view from the top.   This is a great neighborhood with beautiful homes and a short distance from Griffith Park, which is the largest Municipal park in the US.

Lili with view of downtown from top of castle

Further on up I peered through  a chain link fence and saw a home with a guest house which had a Hotel sign outside it.  I don’t know of any hotels in this neighborhood and I suspect the owner put the sign up for fun,  maybe the owner has a lot of company.  It looks like a charming place and I would have liked to see the inside.

Guest house with hotel sign

Other parts of the US are bracing for severe weather but here in LA the temperature is nice and I am doing  stair walks.  I have more walks to do and more stories to post, so stay tuned.  Life is good.

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