Silver Lake Court – stairwalk #27

This is Silver Lake Court, stair walk # 27, from the book, “Secret Stairs,” by Charles Fleming.  I invited a couple of friends to join me and they really enjoyed the walk.  Like me, they enjoy getting out, the exercise of the stair walks and the beauty.

The first staircase with 30 steps took us up  to an unpaved dirt road where the Pacific Electric Red Trolley ran, carrying passengers from downtown Los Angeles to Glendale,  Atwater Village and beyond.  

Trolley once ran here

We followed the path and entered a lush green field  with a variety of trees, bushes and plants.   You would not know this area was here unless you walked up to it.  My friend, who lives in Silver Lake, has been by this area but never noticed the green field.

Steps zig zagging up the hill

Climbing up 219 steps on a staircase that zig zags up the hill, we saw a woman who was getting her exercise by jogging up and down the stairs.  My friends and I were taking it slow, stopping to admire the view and take pictures, and it was a workout.  It’s a great view from here and you can see snow-capped Mt. Baldy in the distance.  Silver Lake is a hilly area which offer majestic views of the reservoir, downtown Los Angeles, Glendale, Mt. Washington and other surrounding areas.  “Secret Stairs” author, Charles Fleming, lives in Silver Lake and I can see why.

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