Franklin Hills stair walk with Charles Fleming

“Secret Stairs” author, Charles Fleming, led his monthly stair walk in Franklin Hills.

Vista Theatre

Eighty stair walkers met at the Vista Theatre in Silver Lake. We climbed 1400 steps  over 4 miles.  Charles led a revised version of stair walks #30 and #31 that are in his book. 

I did the Franklin Hills stairs before with the stair walk meet-up group.  In fact, Franklin Hills stair walk with the meet-up group was my very first walk.  I was out of shape and had a hard time keeping up.  Everyone on the first walk was asking me if I was OK, do I need water, etc…After that, I bought the book and started doing stair walks on my own.  After fourteen walks under my belt, I started doing the stair walks with the meet- up group again and am now able to do the stairs at a much faster pace.  One of the first staircases we went up was several steps over several landings.   It was a very long staircase and one of the most difficult staircases I have climbed.  Good thing I am in better shape.

I invited two friends to go with me on Charles’s walk.  One friend was fast and one was slow.  I was in the middle.  Eventually, I gravitated more toward the end because I was taking pictures.   The walkers at the end were texting and phoning their friends,  who were up front, for the directions.  One walker commented that in his day, he would have had to find his own way with no one to give him directions.

Staircase with gutter on the right side

Going up one set of stairs, we  saw a homeowner who had his big flat-screen TV on the patio and was preparing for a Super Bowl party that day.  He had a nice patio with a great view. Some of the walkers, including myself, stopped and chatted with him.  It was 80 degrees and we were hot.  The homeowner said he’d offer us beer but his beers weren’t cold yet.  He had built a wood gutter that ran from his yard down alongside the stairs.  This is used to transport dirt down the hill from his pool that he was building.  I thought it was very clever of him to build that.  His pool should be finished in a couple of weeks and I told him I’d be back to go swimming.

Toward  the end of the walk, I was at the end of the group with a few others.  We could not see the group and one of the walkers said he knew how to get back to the cars from where we were.  Instead of going back to our cars, we wanted to finish the walk and catch up with the group, so one of the walkers called his friend at the front of the group and got directions.  I’m glad, because we went through nice neighborhoods and climbed beautiful stairs.  We finished our walk at the Café Vista, where we started, and there we met up with the group.

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