Eagle Rock Stairwalk #2

This is Eagle Rock, stair walk # 2, from the book, “Secret Stairs,” by Charles Fleming.  This walk covered a variety of neighborhoods with some areas that looked like Topanga Canyon.  There are quite a few craftsman style homes in this area. 


On one staircase, we were startled by a barking dog who stuck his nose under the fence as my friend walked by.  Sometimes these dogs just sneak up on you and you have no warning that they are even there.    Further up, we saw a dog behind a gated door. The dog looked lonely and neglected.  It broke my heart and I wanted to take this airedale terrier home.  We continued our walk into the area that reminded me of Topanga Canyon.  Some of the streets are so steep that they have sidewalk staircases.  The air was fresh, the birds were chirping and it was another warm, sunny day.

After our walk, my friend suggested we go to a nearby Polish restaurant, “Polka“.  Huell Howser featured this charming eatery on “California’s Gold”  for the local PBS station, KCET.

Polka restaurant

Owner Katherine Dabrowski

One of the walls is a river scene with bicycles, funny signs and other interesting things hung on it.

I met the owner, Katherine Dabrowski, who told me the restaurant has been there for seventeen  years.   We both got the Pierogi, which are dumplings filled with chicken and pork, and cheese and potatoes.  The dumplings are huge, enough for two meals. Our meal came with the most delicious bean soup I’ve ever eaten.   Nothing tops off a stair walk like a good meal.  As we were leaving, two women from KCET came in bringing the Katherine  a huge Valentine basket.

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One Response to Eagle Rock Stairwalk #2

  1. J. Song says:

    Very nice post, especially about the dogs. I was actually looking for reviews of Polka and your blog came up in the search! 🙂

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