Allesandro Loop, stairwalk #16

This is Allesandro Loop in Echo Park, stair walk #16, from the book, “Secret Stairs,” by Charles Fleming.   I got a late start today and I almost wasn’t going to do this stair walk.  I looked at the weather forecast for next week and it is supposed to rain so I figured I would go ahead and go.  I’m glad I did.  It was a beautiful day with temperatures around 80 degrees.  I have done stair walks in neighboring areas and I am amazed at how author Charles Fleming determined which stairs should go with which walks.  At one point on my walk, if I crossed Allesandro street,  I would have been on stair walk #15. His walks begin and end at the same spot.

Home on walk-street

I saw a postman walking up these long steps delivering mail and asked him how he liked all the stairs.  He replied he doesn’t like them but it pays the bills.  He added the stairs are easier on a younger person than someone who is in their 40’s or 50’s.  There is a set of stairs which has 198 steps, which used to be on the mailman’s route.  He’s glad the stairs are no longer on his route but feels bad for the mailman who now has to climb all these stairs every day.   As I was talking to the mailman, a man walking his dogs came up and I walked a while with him and his two bichons. He has lived in the area for twenty one years and really likes it.  The area is very green and I asked him if it’s that green and lush all year round.  He said it is.  We walked down a true walk- street, a street that is a stairway where the only access to these homes is by the stairs.  He said he doesn’t know how people can live there because it’s hard to deliver mail to these homes, especially packages.  I told him the mailman mentioned those stairs and how it is difficult, especially if he had packages that would not fit in his bag.  That means he has to make separate trips for the packages. 

There were a lot of barking dogs in this area.  I think one Chihuahua might have gotten out from under the fence because he was standing on the driveway outside the gate barking, while the big dog was inside the gate.  I’m glad it was the Chihuahua who got out and not the big dog.

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