Fellowship Park, stair walk #17

This is Fellowship Park, walk #17 in Echo Park, from the book, “Secret Stairs,” by Charles Fleming.  There are very steep streets in this area, so steep that it reminds me of the streets of San Francisco.  In his book, Charles Fleming suggests Fix coffee house as a starting point for the walk.  The street I was driving on to get to Fix was very steep, up and down several blocks, so I parked and decided to walk to Fix.


The street is so steep that you do not know what is at the top or on the other side until you get to the top and driving these steep streets makes me nervous.

I had heard this is a beautiful area and you wouldn’t even believe you are in LA.  That person was right.  I thought how nice it would be to live here and then I thought no, I couldn’t handle driving the steep streets.  On my walk, I went past Dave’s house.


Dave's house

I met Dave through a stair walk group and he told me that this stair walk passes right by his house.   I didn’t know were exactly he lived, and as I was admiring the area and lush greenery he came out of his house and we talked a bit.  He lives in an area known as Fellowship Park; a huge chunk of hilltop land which was founded by a religious group in the 1900’s and has remained untouched for almost fifty years except for a few residences. His home is located on a true walk street, where the only way in and out for these homes is by climbing up 30 steps and taking the paved walkway which runs in front of the homes. This is the prettiest part of the walk and Dave is lucky to live here.

walk-street to Dave's house

I asked him how he liked driving the steep streets and he said he is used to it, but it is a lot of wear and tear on his brakes.  Dave’s neighbor installed a little burbling brook to the left of the paved walkway.  Just beyond Dave’s house is a path that goes through a woodsy area.  From here you have great views of downtown Glendale and the San Gabriel Mountains.   This is one of my favorite areas.

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2 Responses to Fellowship Park, stair walk #17

  1. Ruth Wentsel says:

    Hi, is that a private or public walkway?

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