Silver Lake Terraces stair walk #24

This is Silver lake Terraces East, stair walk #24 from the book “Secret Stairs,” by Charles Fleming.  There were four of us on this walk and it was the first stair walk for two of them.  One of the walkers bought the book “Secret Stairs.”   It gives me great pleasure when I introduce someone to the stair walks and they enjoy it so much that they buy the book.  The three walkers live in Silver Lake and several walks in the book are in their area.  I know what joy doing the stair walks has brought me.  One of the walkers had concern that she might not be fast enough.  I told her to not worry, that I do stop and take pictures and I will wait for anyone who is slower.  I don’t do these walks to be in a race, but do them to get exercise, enjoy the scenery and take pictures.  I love these areas and don’t want to rush by them.  I was behind the walkers going down one set of stairs.  When I got to the bottom, I couldn’t find where they went.  I walked down the street and finally called one of the walkers on her cell phone.  They had stopped to go to an open house for a home that was for sale which was located right off the stairs.  I had wanted to go look at the open house but didn’t because I thought they wouldn’t be able to find me.  Now that I found them I was able to view the home.  I have been able to go through half a dozen or more homes that were either for sale or rent on the walks.  Sometimes workers or the homeowner will be working on a vacant home and will let us go through.  I like seeing what kind of place you can get for the money in these areas and imagine what my furniture would look like in them.  One interesting home had its own private elevator, however it was not for sale or rent so we weren’t able to see the inside.

Home with elevator

After our walk we stopped at LAMILL Coffee Boutique for some food and coffee.


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5 Responses to Silver Lake Terraces stair walk #24

  1. Love Lamill! I was there a couple of years ago. Which walk would you recommend out of all of the Silver Lake walks? I would like to see Neutra Place as well as downtown views of LA etc, plus some great homes! I’d also like to stop by Intelligentsia cafe this time around. if you have a walk that would suit me, I’d love to hear about it! Thanks!

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