Laveta Terrace stairwalk #13

This is Laveta Terrace, stairwalk # 13, from the book, “Secret Stairs,” by Charles Fleming.   Charles Fleming rates this walk at level 2, making it the easiest walk in the book.   The second set of stairs off of Laveta Terrace is Echo Park’s most elegant stair case, consisting of 64 steps with benches on each side and two street lamps at the front.  My friend Lili went with me on this walk.  It requires persistence and patience to get Lili to go on these walks.  Lili said she had an errand to run and I convinced her to do the errand after the walk.  Lili arrived late as usual, more than thirty minutes late.  She had told me she knew exactly where the meeting place was but apparently she didn’t.  This is where patience comes in. The area where we met and parked our cars is different than the area we walked in.  Often-times on the walks I come across a beautiful area that I otherwise wouldn’t know about unless I walked to it.  We walked through parts of Elysian Park that neither one of us had seen and Lili commented that you wouldn’t even know that we were in L.A.

View of downtown Los Angeles

We could see Dodger stadium and downtown Los Angeles from where we were.  Lili suggested we hug a tree since it is good for the tree and for us.  Hugging trees caused us to get lost.  Not really lost, but we couldn’t find the last set of stairs and did not notice them since we were too busy hugging the trees.


Lili asked a man if he knew where the stairs were and he pointed us in the right direction.  Elysian Park is a beautiful green area with lots of trees. 

There are other walks that go through parts of Elysian Park and I look forward to doing them.  Maybe I can drag Lili on another one of these walks.

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2 Responses to Laveta Terrace stairwalk #13

  1. You have a great writing style. I’m laughing my ass off over Lili always being late and you guys getting lost because you were hugging trees!

  2. Karen says:

    I had to re read my post to see what was so funny. Yeah, it is funny.

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