Castellammare stairwalk #41 with Charles Fleming

Charles Fleming led his monthly stairwalk in Malibu, doing stairwalk #41, Castellammare, from his book, “Secret Stairs.”  The temperature was warmer than I expected and it turned out to be the perfect day.  This is the second time I did the walk and was planning on going again since it is one of the most beautiful of the stairwalks with a spectacular view of the ocean.  Charles Fleming gave a little history of the area saying it’s where celebrities used to live before they lived in Beverly Hills.  Film actress Thelma Todd, who had a roadside café and lived in the area, was, according to Charles Fleming, a Lindsay Lohan type and a hot mama.  In 1935, Todd, who died under suspicious circumstances, was found dead in her Lincoln, killed by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Thelma Todds house

Suspects include her boyfriend, ex-husband, business partner and gangster Lucky Luciano. I’ve also heard that the house where she used to live is haunted.  The first time I did this walk, my friend picked a fruit off a bush for me and the guy whose bush it was yelled from his window that we should read the sign and not pick the fruit. 

Secret secret stairs

I did not see the sign and neither did my friend.  This time on the walk, no one picked the fruit and no one got yelled at.  Charles Fleming took us on a staircase that is not in the book, calling it the “secret, secret stairs.”  He did not include it in the book because it is not in the best of shape.  However, I didn’t notice that it was in bad shape.

After the 3.2 mile walk, my friends and I went to eat at Malibu Seafood.

Malibu Seafood

After eating, we hiked on a trail that is adjacent to the restaurant, doing a 2.5 mile loop. It’s an easy trail that goes by a running stream and up into the lush green hillside dotted with yellow wildflowers.  We were also able to spot Cher’s house from the trail.

Cher's house

Afterwards, we walked on the beach before heading home.  We felt we had a great workout that day, doing a stairwalk and a hike.

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3 Responses to Castellammare stairwalk #41 with Charles Fleming

  1. lili dauphin says:

    What a beautiful day that was! I think Southern California may be a special gift from Heaven to Planet Earth. We should be very lucky to be a part of such natural beauty. No wonder everyone wants to be in Southern California, even the martians.

  2. Michele Kline says:

    Hello, How do you get to these secret, secret stairs? I would love to include them in my workout. Thanks.

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