Magic Gas – stairwalk #14

I joined the Secret Stairs meetup group and did the Magic Gas stairwalk #14, from the book “Secret Stairs,” by Charles Fleming.   I had not done this walk and it had been on my list to do.  The organizer of the group, Grace, goes very fast and it was difficult at times to keep up. Grace has a bootcamp fitness program and is in tip-top shape, so for her to do these stairwalks fast is a piece of cake.

The area has some lovely views and nice homes.  I should do the stairwalk again so I can take time to enjoy the architecture and look at the different buildings and homes Charles refers to in the book.  There are a few steep streets, but not too steep.  These streets offer nice views of Echo Park and the surrounding areas.  One of the streets had steps built into the sidewalk, but Grace opted to take a dirt path down to the street.  You don’t see too many sidewalks with built-in steps.

The book rates this walk as a 3.5, but it seemed more like a 4 or 4.5.  The most difficult stairwalk is rated 5.  The first two staircases were 125 steps each, the third one was 129 steps.  After reaching the top of the third staircase, I turned right.  The group was nowhere in sight and I had given my friend my “Secret Stairs” book to put in her back pack.  How I wish I had that book then because I did not know which way to go.  Fortunately, Christian, from the group, saw that I had gone the wrong way and yelled at me to turn around.  We finally caught up to the group and I was thankful that the long staircases were behind us.

Charles lists the duration of this stairwalk as 1 hour.  We did it in 40 minutes. When we finished our walk, Grace was going to do the next stairwalk in the book, one that is longer and more difficult.  My friend and I declined.  We had a good work- out just doing the one stairwalk.

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2 Responses to Magic Gas – stairwalk #14

  1. slowwalker says:

    Hey!! Why don’t you start leading these walks. There are plenty of us who would love to go but are afraid of . . . not being able to keep up, being the slowest one, getting left behind or lost. I’m sure if you put out word thta you were going to lead a slow stair walk many of us would join you.

  2. Margie says:

    I am looking for some historic images of Victorian up to the 60’s of someone walking on a “Secret Staircase” in Los Angeles. You wouldn’t happen to know where I could find one?

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