Sierra Club stairwalks #24 and 25

I joined the Sierra Club’s Wilderness Travel Course on a stairwalk for their 3rd and final stairwalk through Silver Lake.

Lamill Coffee

We met at Lamill Coffee and did stairwalks Nos. 24 and 25, from the book “Secret Stairs,” by Charles Fleming.  I have done these walks before but didn’t remember the stairs having so many steps. The last time I did stairwalks 24 and 25, it was in the afternoon, but on this day the stairwalks were in the evening from 7 to 9.  It was a nice summer evening and the temperature was perfect.   There is an expansive view of downtown Los Angeles and the setting sun cast a gold color on the skyscrapers.   The leader, Sarah, said she wanted to complete the walks before dark, because after dark is when the skunks come out.  I never knew this area had skunks which came out after dark and I saw at least 3 of them as the sun was setting.  We took a short walk down one street to see a home with it’s own elevator, which you can see from the outside.

House with blue elevator

After we finished stairwalks #24 and 25, the group decided to walk another 30 minutes.  We climbed some more stairs and I recognized the area that is part of stairwalk #22.  There were some steep streets and a view of Silver Lake Reservoir.  We finished our walk at Lamill coffeehouse.  Everyone had a good time and Sara did an excellent job of leading.  For now, Sarah doesn’t have anymore stairwalks planned, but if she decides to lead another one, I’ll definitely be on it.

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