Franklin Hills West-Radio-Prospect Loop-Stairwalk #31

This is stairwalk #31, from the book “Secret Stairs,” by Charles Fleming.

Hoover Street Stairs

I have done this walk a couple of times in combination with stairwalk #30, Franklin Hills East, but have never done this walk by itself using the route that is in the book.   My friend, who has never done a stairwalk, asked me to do a stairwalk with her.  She mentioned several times that she wanted a good workout.  On our way to the location, she was reading about the stairwalk in the “Secret Stairs” book.  When she saw it was a level 4, (level 5 is the hardest) she said “level 4, are you crazy?” I replied that she had wanted to get a good workout and level 4 is not that hard.  Besides that, I have done part of this walk before and knew that it would be one she could easily handle. She recently returned from China where she climbed the Great Wall and was telling me how difficult it was. I told her that if she can climb the Great Wall of China, she can surely do this walk.

Our first staircase has a beautiful mural on it with two sets of steps, one on the left and one on the right. The second staircase was closed.  I couldn’t really tell what kind of work was being done, but I do know that it was not stair maintenance because ten years ago, the City of Los Angeles scrapped plans to maintain the stairways after doing a complete inventory and photographing the public stairways. We walked on up the street and around the block to our next staircase.  It was a nice walk and we managed to cover all the other stairs listed for this walk.  Near the end of the walk, we came to the Shakespeare bridge, which was built in 1926. I always admired this bridge with its Gothic towers.

Shakespeare Bridge

My friend enjoyed her walk and would like to do another stairwalk.

Returning to my car I saw I had received a parking ticket.  The sign is very confusing and my friend and I thought it was OK for me to park there.  I took pictures of the sign and am contesting the ticket.  I told her this is the most expensive stairwalk ever.  I am hoping the ticket will be erased or at least reduced.

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4 Responses to Franklin Hills West-Radio-Prospect Loop-Stairwalk #31

  1. LisaNewton says:

    I hope your ticket was turned around. I don’t get over that Silverlake or Echo Park, where most of the stairs are located, so it’s great to see them featured here.

    However, I did get over to one of the most difficult set of stairs, Eldred

  2. did you get the ticket reversed? I’d like to see Shakespeare Bridge – where is that? Do you mind telling me? Thank you!

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