Venice Canals

Tree with glass ornaments

This isn’t a stair walk, but I love the Venice canals and I wanted to share my photos with everyone who is reading my blog.  Venice Beach, California is a popular tourist destination but not everyone knows of the canals.  Located north of Washington Blvd and east of Pacific Avenue, the canals were built in 1904 by Abbott Kinney, who patterned the canals after the canals of Venice, Italy.   The 16 miles of canals were completed in July 1905. However, in 1929 most of the canals were filled in to make way for the automobile.  In the 60’s, the canals were home to artists and beatniks.  In the late 70’s when real estate prices sky-rocketed, new homes were built and older ones were remodeled.  In 1994, the City of Los Angeles refurbished the remaining canals.  Today multi-million-dollar homes sit on the edges of the canals.   

My friend Lili, who lives in Los Angeles, had never seen the canals.  When she wanted to go to Venice Beach to walk along the boardwalk and see all the vendors, I told her we should also see the canals.  The morning I picked her up to go to Venice, she told me she could only stay a couple of hours.  I told her two hours is not enough time, that it takes almost two hours to get there and back.  First we went to the boardwalk and Lili spent what seemed like forever, talking to all the vendors, giving them inspiration. In fact, one of the vendors she inspired gave her two shirts for free.  She offered to pay him but he wouldn’t take her money.  Spending so much time on the boardwalk, we’d be lucky if we made it to the end of the boardwalk and back by sundown.    Long story short, after leaving the boardwalk, we went to Baja Cantina which is located right next to the canals.

Baja Cantina

After eating, we walked around the canals.  The sun was starting to set, making the whole thing look like a postcard picture.



Lili was surprised at how beautiful the canals are.  I’m thankful Lili didn’t want to go home after two hours.

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3 Responses to Venice Canals

  1. slowwalker says:

    Beautiful pictures as always. Looks like fun. How does Lili inspire people?

  2. LisaNewton says:

    I’m a big fan of the Canals, been there many times. In fact, you captured my favorite house on the Canals in one of your photos.

    Thanks for sharing!!

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