Highland Park-Southwest Museum. Stairwalk #7

A couple of friends and I did a stairwalk with the Secret Stairs meet-up groupIt was stairwalk #7, Highland Park-Southwest Museum, from the book “Secret Stairs,” by Charles Fleming.   I had wanted to do this walk for the longest time, ever since I attended a Halloween party on Eldred Street last year.

Eldred Street

Eldred is a very steep street with a 196 wooden step staircase at the end.

I remember seeing the stairs at the end of the dark steep street that Halloween night and commented to my friend that those stairs are probably in the book.

Stairs at end of Eldred Street

I would have walked to the end of the street after the party to see if the stairs were public or private, but my shoes were killing me and it would have been uncomfortable walking up to the end of the street in my costume.

On this walk I intended to look for the house where I attended the party, but I completely forgot about it.  Charles gives this walk a level 5 rating, 5 being the most difficult.  I thought it was more like a 3.

Shrine in garage

After a while, four of us separated from the group, not intentionally, but we were talking, taking pictures, and taking our time looking at the scenery. 

Shrine at end of driveway

House with interesting texture on the walls

The next thing we knew, the group was nowhere in sight.  My friend and I had the book and the organizer gave people who wanted it copies of the pages from the book showing the route.  Handing out the copies is a good idea since it would be easy to get lost if you don’t have the book.

Wall with painted design

I know, because it happened to me once when I did a Secret Stairs meet up walk without the book.

As we continued on, we came to the back entrance to the Southwest Museum of the American Indian, which is open only one Saturday a month.

Southwest Museum of Indians

We would have gone in, but it was closed.  After passing the museum, we walked through the mural painted archway and up a few steps.  At the top we took a staircase leading up to a nice row of Craftsman-style homes.  A woman who owned one of the Craftsman style homes invited us in and gave us a tour.  We saw the kitchen, living room and backyard of this lovely home. I would have liked to see the basement and upstairs. Perhaps I can see the rest of the house on the Highland Park Historical Society tour.

inside craftsman-style home

We took a tour of this house

We ended our walk with a delicious lunch at Chico’s restaurant. 

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One Response to Highland Park-Southwest Museum. Stairwalk #7

  1. That was a great walk, and, I agree, it was more like a 3. Maybe the 5 part was around the museum where we couldn’t go because it was closed?

    How did your spider web pictures turn out?

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