Pasadena-La Loma Road, stairwalk #1

A friend and I did a stairwalk with the Secret Stairs meet-up group.  It was stairwalk #1, Pasadena-La Loma Road, from the book “Secret Stairs,” by Charles Fleming.   I have done this walk before and really enjoyed it.  There are a lot of nice homes and lots of shade trees. Charles Flemings says it is one of the shadiest walks.  There is a large variety of trees– pine trees, palm trees, eucalyptus trees, and  oak trees, to name a few.

Nine people were on the walk and the leader did a good job leading.  It was her first time to lead and she did a leisurely walk which is nice, since I and a few others were taking quite a lot of pictures.  One of the walkers who was taking pictures with her phone told me she wished she had brought her camera. 

The people in this area have really well manicured lawns and beautiful landscaping. Some of them are front yards are quite artistic. One yard had a tall painted angel, another yard had a stone structure next to the mailbox.  Parts of the area reminded me of Laurel Canyon.

A new University of Pittsburgh study shows walking is good for your brain. The more you walk, the more blood your brain gets. This prevents shrinkage and memory loss that comes with age.  A couple of people on this walk expressed interest in doing stairwalks with me.  Like me, they like to take pictures and do a leisurely walk.  Now I have two new reasons to stairwalk.  Not that I need a reason to stairwalk, but it’s nice knowing I’m doing something good for my brain and introducing people to a new area.

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2 Responses to Pasadena-La Loma Road, stairwalk #1

  1. Love, love, love the angles you got on the tile photo, English cottage photo, and the bench. I don’t know if you remember that you had me stand where you were standing to take that one. I’ll send it to you so you can see how your student did on that one. LOL

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