December stairwalk with Charles Fleming

Author Charles Fleming led a group of over 75 people on Stairwalk #1, Pasadena-La Loma, from his book “Secret Stairs–A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of Los Angeles.”  I have done this stairwalk twice and was looking forward to this one because Charles was going to take us on a couple of staircases which he says are so secret that they never made it into the book. I was also curious to see the condition of the area and the stairs since Pasadena had ferocious winds over 100 mph. Pasadena was declared a state of emergency and thousands of people were without power, some for several days.

The high winds had stopped and it was a nice day for a stairwalk.  It was even warmer than I expected. I saw a few fallen trees and some fences that were knocked down, but did not see any damaged homes or crushed cars.

Stairs blocked by fallen tree

Most of the staircases were clear of any fallen trees and debris, except for the super- secret stairs that never made it into the book.  These stairs were blocked by fallen trees and there was no way to  walk around the trees.  Not surprising, there were a lot of trees knocked down because this area is one of the shadiest walks in the book, with a large variety of trees—pine, palm, juniper, sycamore, oak, and others.  I heard it’s going to take some time before all the fallen trees are removed. Once the area is cleared of the trees, I will return and climb the super- secret stairs that were blocked.  Who knows, maybe Charles will do another walk here.

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