January stairwalk

For the first stairwalk of 2013, the Secret Stairs meet up group did stairwalk #25, Swans Way, Imagefrom the book “Secret Stairs—A Walking Guide to the Historical Staircases of Los Angeles” by Charles Fleming.  This walk offers great views of Silver Lake Reservoir and downtown Los Angeles. There arecactus garden also many interesting houses with a variety of architectural styles.  According to the book, this area has some of the longest, steepest staircases in the city.  Often times you can see people training and doing cardio on these streets.   Just walking them Imageis a workout in itself.  After the walk we returned to our starting point, Lamill coffee.  There was a optional walk for those who wanted to do a fast workout pace.  My friends and I chose to eat breakfast at Lamill.  Lamill coffee has a large selection of coffee’s from around the world.  After breakfast we browsed through the stores and boutiques on the block.  Yolk is one of the interesting stores we went in.  It has a nice selection of unique Imagegifts—candles, pillows, books, slippers with rabbit ears made from alpaca and a children’s Imagesection towards the back of the store.  It’s hard to miss Yolk with its brightly colored building—blue with yellow stripes, a bright yellow door and white with red stripes.

Across the street from Yolk is a metal sculpture located between 2 buildings.  The sculpture was designed by Materials and Applications Architecture and Research.   The goal of sculpturesculpture and chairsMRA is to increase public participation in the built environment and to inspire visitors to examine their surroundings while they explore the latest ideas in architecture and design.  For more info on MRA and sculpture 2the sculpture, visit http://www.emanate.org.

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