Peanut Lake

My friendsImage and I joined about 100 stariwalking fans for Charles Fleming’s April walk. Charles Fleming is author of “Secret Stairs-a Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of Los Angeles” and he leads a stairwalk the first Sunday of every month.  He did a variation of stairwalk #6, Hermon, and took us to Peanut Lake.   

Hermon is a small community bordered by the 110 freeway in Los Angeles and South Pasadena. Image It was established in 1903 by the Free Methodists church group who bought the land to establish a school.  Today this community has a population of 3500 and has a small town feel.

Charles only found out about Peanut Lake a couple of months ago and I’ve never heard of Peanut Lake until Charles mentioned it as his April stairwalk.   This walk was actually a lot different than the stairwalk in his book.  Unlike the one in the book, Imagewe didn’t pass through downtown Hermon but instead took some stairs that led us to a path and a fire road leading up to the top of the mountain.  There are no signs indicating which way to Peanut Lake or that there is even a lake.  Image From here you can take in a great view of downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains.  My friend Lili kept saying how she felt like she was in another country.  It really has a mountainous Imagefeel and look to it. I don’t know how the lake came to be and neither did Charles.  In fact, most of the people in the group never heard of Peanut Lake.  Charles said to the group that he enjoys introducing people to new places.  I am so glad for these stairwalks because I get to see and explore places I never knew about. 


Peanut lake

As I was walking I could see a lot of other trails going who knows where.  ImageI will return here one day with friends and hike some of the other trails.  Of course I will take the road leading to Peanut Lake.

For more information about Peanut lake and how to get there go to Charles Flemings article in the Los Angeles Times


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6 Responses to Peanut Lake

  1. Gary says:

    Hi Karen: I signed up for the stairwalk blog, because we had wanted to go on one of the walks where Charles Fleming was leading or present. I never saw any announcement for an April walk, and now I see we have missed it again…Where are the details posted? All we saw is that he leads walks the 1st Sunday of the month. Is there somewhere else where specific information is posted? Please advise We have privately done about 30 stair walks now, from both Charle’s book, as well as the Bakalinsky book. Thanks, Gary

    • Karen says:

      You can go to Secret Stairs on facebook and see Charles’s stairwalk announcement. I am also on facebook and I post his walks on facebook, as well as other stairwalks–Sierra Club, ones that I will lead and other meet up group stairwalks. Feel free to add me as friend on facebook.

  2. Wow, who knew there are such beautiful, scenic hikes in LA… having never lived there, my perception of that city must be a little off! When I visit Los Angeles someday, my first stop will be the path to Peanut Lake! 😀

  3. frank says:

    Its Not Called Peanut lake. Its Just The Lake .Its Allways Called The Lake

    • Karen says:

      Charles Fleming, who is a published author and writer for LA TImes, writing about hiking and stairwalks in Los Agneles, referred to it as Peanut Lake. So since he called it Peanut Lake, I will call it Peanut Lake.

      • frank says:

        Yes Take It From A Newbee Like Charles F . I been Living Here In El Sereno 4 40 Something Years . Used To Go Swimmimng In The Lake Way Back In The 70s
        I Tell All The Newbees In The Area Its Called The Lake In Debs Park’

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