Sheats-Goldstein home tour

I had the rare opportunity to tour the Sheats-Goldstein residence in the Benedict Canyon area of Los Angeles.  There were many steps andcement stairs steos downstairs leading to the lush jungle below the house that it deserved to be included in my stairwalking blog. I also wanted to share the amazing beauty and greenery that surrounds this house.arch

This glass house, which is surrounded by a lush jungle below, has been featured in movies such as “The Big Lebowski” “Charlies Angels Full Throttle” and music videos including Snoop Dogg’s “Lets Get Blown.”

man at point

Sculpture of architect John Lautner

The home sculpturewas the site for third installment of French artist Xavier Veilhan Architectones project in Los Angeles.  Xavier Veilhan studio and Galerie Perrotin organizedliving room the show and  local architect Francois Perrin was the curator.  It is where art meets architecture. pool Some of the art pieces Xavier installed included an iron sculpture located in the lavish gardens and cords stretched in space over the swimming pool. man on deckXavier Veilhan was struck by the beauty of the home and how it interacts with nature.  A green aluminum sculpture of architect John Lautner was installed on the end of the triangular shaped master bedroom that juts out offering a panoramic view of Los Angeles.

The home was built by architect John Lautner in 1963. Lautner studied under Frank Lloyd Wright and this home is considered a masterpiece.  In 1972 dining roomJames Goldstein purchased the home and commissioned John Lautner blue triangleto do remodeling.  moss stepsJames is constantly adding and having some kind of work done on the home and property.   I was told it is a never ending project. tennis court

The house is not noticeable from the street or from the driveway. I arrived and had valet park my car.  Then I walked down the long driveway with flourishing plants on either side.

view from tennis court

view from tennis court

It reminded me of Costa Rica. Still not able to see the house trumpet treeI continued walking down the long curved driveway until I came to the garage. koi fish 2 The entrance to the

Walkway over koi pond

Walkway over koi pond

house is next to the garage and you walk down a little walk way that goes over a pond filled with koi fish and turtles and leads to the front door.

I was grateful to be able to tour this magnificent home lounge chairsand I look forward to seeing other homes designed by John Lautner and exhibits by Xavier Veilhan.

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One Response to Sheats-Goldstein home tour

  1. Architectoid says:

    Great photos of the Sheats Goldstein Residence. Reading your article I noticed that you included the permanent Steel Bernar Venet Sculpture in the Garden as part of the work of Artist Xavier Veilhan.

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