Glassel Park North with Hidden Stairs

I did a walk with the Hidden stairs meetup group. We did strairwalk #3, Glassell Park North from the book “Secret Stairs” by Charles Fleming. Image My friend and organizer, David, took us on a couple of stairs that are not in the book. The walk started at 4:15 PM and knowing that it would be dark by the time we went to the stairs that were not included in the book, I asked David if he could do those stairs first. He said no. I would have liked to have taken pictures of them but it was too dark.

The first set of stairs were wooden. Not too many stairs but the pathway after the stairs and the street was pretty steep. It was a workout and the hardest part. After that it wasn’t too bad. It flattened out and there was some downhill.

Glassell Park is part of Eagle Rock and has winding streets with great views. I saw a lot of nice houses with a variety of architectural styles.  It is also home to housemany artists, one of whom probably painted the murals on the second set of stairs we walked. I don’t know who painted those and the murals were not there at the time Charles Fleming wrote his book. The walk was just under two hours and David did a good job of keeping the group together. It was a nice evening and a great way to get some exercise.

Image mural 2

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