Griffith Park hike to Obesrvatory

My friends Lili, Hedy and I joined the Valencia hiking group with a hike to the Griffith Park Observatory.  The hike Frank Lloyd Wright houseoriginally was going to include stairs but was changed and we ended up going a different route. We did however pass by the Frank Lloyd Wright Ennis house.  I’ve been by this house may times, but this time I was able to go inside the front gate.  The gate was open and workers were Frank Lloyd Wright house 1doing some work on the house. I saw them go inside the house and went up to the front door and knocked. I wanted to ask if we could go inside the house but no one answered.  I spent a few minutes snapping some photos until someone finally came out and said we had to leave. At least observatoryI got shots that I couldn’t get before.

A few houses down is a house known as the whimsical house. This house was the inspiration for the design of the Tam O’Shanter restaurant in Los Feliz.  Behind this house is another house, which was hard to see because of the trees, and it was where a doctor lived with his whimsical housetwo children and his wife. The doctor shot his wife and daughter, but the wife was able to escape and call police. By the time the police had arrived, the doctor had shot himself.  It was difficult to get a buyer for the house but a couple finally did buy it. However, they never changed it and left it the way it was, even with the unwrapped Christmas presents and wrapping paper on the table.  The house even had mold all over the floor. When this couple died and left the house to the son, the son left the house viewin the same shape his parents did.  He didn’t live there but he would come sometimes in the evenings to visit.  Who knows why, but maybe he was contacting the deceased.  The neighbors finally had enough of the shoddy condition the house was in and forced the son to fix up housesthe house, which he did.

Our next stop was the Observatory. Here you can take in great views of downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Century City and surrounding areas.  Lili likes to take many pictures and we ended up way behind the group. However, we lilimanaged to catch up to them. Lili commented that she likes to hike with seniors because they are easy to catch up to. Everyone on the hike was a senior citizen except for Lili, Lili’s friend and me.

Lili likes to laugh a lot and is always in a great joyful mood, even if she is going through tough times and difficult situations. She is also known as the fashionista of hiking and was wearing red. She even had red sunglasses and a red Lili and carssockscamera to match her clothes.  We had a good laugh at her outfit though because she had on one white sock and one yellow sock. I asked her if she got dressed in the dark.

After the hike, Hedy and I joined the rest of the group for lunch at Trails restaurant.  What a way to top of a perfect hike. The Trailsweather was beautiful and we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

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