Bob Inmans walk in Pasadena


Bob Inman

A few friends and I did a walk with Robert Inman. He has finally finished his book  “Finding Los Angeles by Foot: Stairstreet, bridge, pathway and lane” after working on it for two years.


All of his walks cover several miles, anywhere from five to fifteen miles. He covers a lot of ground and you get to see a lot.  His pace is moderate and he stops along the way pointing out things of  interest.  He knows a lot about the history of the area and pending development plans that will affect the area.


My friends and I took the metro train and met everyone at Busters in south Pasadena, across from metro station.  It was warm weather and a perfect day for a walk. First thing I noticed was a sign inside Busters that said we can’t take your order if you are house1on your cell phone. I love that. I am so glad they put the sign on the counter, nothing more irritating than someone who holds up the line because they are on their phone.


We started down a wide street with huge craftsman style homes and big yards. I haven’t been to most of the streets Bob took us on and was truly enjoying seeing all the beautiful work of the craftsman style homes.  bridge up


We walked under the Colorado street bridge which I have always admired and went through some nature areas with green grass and Arlington Gardens with its many sitting areas and a labyrinth made up of rocks.sitting areagarden

Bob took us to an area where the homes on both sides of the street are owned by the State of California. A freeway was proposed to cut through that area and the homes would be removed. Fortunately itlabyrth was challenged and the project won’t happen for a while if it does happen at all.

Someone in the group works at the Headquarters of the San Gabriel Pomona Valley Red Cross and he opened the gate to the driveway so we can go walk in and see the house. We couldn’t go inside but we could walk the grounds and peek inside.  The house was

Red Cross Headquarters

Red Cross Headquarters

formerly owned by the Cravens who made their fortune in tobacco and can be rented out for weddings and other events. It has also been used in TV shows and films such as Desperate Housewives, Mad Men, Ghost Whisperer, Being There and Traffic…to name a few.

trailstairs up

It took us a while to get back home on the metro.  After going one or two stops, we had to get off and board a bus to take us to trainanother stop due to someone getting hit and killed by the train. So very sad but I was impressed about how organized the metro is and how quickly emergency personnel responds to accidents.

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  1. Very nice, also; what layout do you use for this blog? It is wonderfully clean.

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