I started doing the stairwalks with a meetup group led by Grace Vergara. She was doing stairwalks from the book by Charles Fleming “Secret Stairs-A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of Los Angeles“. Since I could not keep up with the fast pace, I bought the book and started doing the walks on my own.  My intention was to do enough walks so I could keep up with the others in Grace’s meetup group.  The more walks I did, the more I became hooked.  Each walk is a new adventure. Now a book has come out by Bob Inman titled “Finding Los Angeles by Foot: Stairstreet , bridge, pathway and lane.” That means more places to explore and more stairs. I love the diversity of the different neighborhoods and the beautiful scenery.  I’m reminded of the song by Missing Persons “Walking In LA–no one walks in LA”.  Well that is not true.  There are plenty of places to walk and the Secret stairs is a testament to that.  I also post other outdoor activities which involve walking in different areas of Los Angeles and discovering new places. I hope you enjoy my blog and get inspired to start walking.


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  1. Adrine de Pienne says:

    Karen, you are so right. There are plenty of places to walk in LA and you always find new and exciting adventures and itineraries. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Paulette says:

    Go girlfriend! Sounds like something I could do in SD. Beautiful pictures and funny stories. Pollyette

  3. Eric K says:

    Nice meeting you at Lili’s. Very nicely layout blog site !!!!! ERIC

  4. Gray says:

    Very nice Karen! Glad to see you are keeping up with this! Hope you are well, -Gray Malin

  5. tita buds says:

    Thank you, Karen for visiting my blog (and for speaking out for me, too — I really appreciate it).

    Anyway, wow, this is probably one of the most unique subjects for a blog that I’ve come across and it’s actually very interesting. I’m looking at your pictures and I’m wishing we had this in my city, too. Meanwhile, I’ll just follow your walks virtually. 😉

  6. Hi Karen, I love your photos and blog. So sorry I missed today’s stair walk.
    Do you go each weekend? I’d find a place to paint or sketch and that would really slow me down. I’d have to buy the book and start another stair walking group.lol

  7. Gosh I’m jealous wish I could find something that interesting to do down here in Baton Rouge!

  8. slowwalker says:

    Hey Ms. Stairwalkinginla I miss your posts. I assumed you would post about the Big Parade. Is it a problem with me getting the posts or have you “gone dark”??

    • Karen says:

      My mother passed away. Before she passed, I wasn’t doing much stairwalking. I was her caretaker. Now I have the job of cleaning out her apt she lived in for 28 years. I will be doing a stairwalk this Sunday with author Charles Fleming. I did one leg of the big parade and took photos and I need to post. I have been overwhelmed with taking care of business since my mother passed. I’m doing everything myself since my sister lives in VA.

  9. Joan Kramer says:

    Hi Karen – love to read your posts. Hope all is well. I know what you are going through right now as I’m still trying to deal with my parents’ stuff. They lived on Cerro Gordo for 40 years and owned a big part of Fellowship Parkway. There’s lots of history in those stairs that maybe you’d like to include. I own one small cabin, and there used to be many more. I own about 3/4 of an acre next to the Fellowship Parkway walkway. The address is actually Fellowship Parkway.
    Hope all gets easier for you. Thanks for these again. Very enjoyable.

    • Karen says:

      I love Fellowship park and organizer of Stair Street Advocates lives on the stair street. Is the stair street named Fellowship Parkway? His house is accessible only by walking to it. Across from him there is a dirt path that goes out to the meadow. It’s so beautiful out there.

  10. Karen says:

    I enjoyed meeting you today on the Mt. Washington walk. I just looked at your blog site and am really impressed. Hopefully I will see you on the Palisades walk and we can talk again. I can see why you are hooked; I want to be hooked too!

  11. Hi!

    Love the idea, would definitely like to join on these walks sometime!

    We stumbled upon your blog and wanted you to be one of the first to know that we are launching an event website called wigo events. Our site focuses on a community of users in Los Angeles sharing cool events that they know about, and we would love to have you be a part of it! If you are interested in being one of our very first users please leave us your email address at the link right below, sorry its so long, don’t know how to add a hyperlink in the comment section haha. Once our site goes live in the next few months, we’ll let you know!


    Sara, Team Wigo!

  12. Roni Dasher says:


    The concept of your blog is unique and intriguing. Your pictures are beautiful. Can’t wait to see more of your adventures :-).


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